The goal of the Secure Staking Alliance is to make (re)staking more secure.


Our mission is to provide the foundations and frameworks that will help web3 protocols, developers, and node operators design, build, and run secure (re)staking validator infrastructure.

Secure (re)staking infrastructure is key to the security of the web3 ecosystem and, by reducing the risk of (re)staking capital and running validators, it's also key to web3's evolution and innovation.


The Secure Staking Alliance will collaborate to produce technical documents that will help people design, build, and run secure staking infrastructures.

These documents will complement (and contribute to) existing work (e.g., EIPs) and include:

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Protocol standards and implementation foundations

For example, we are collaborating on standards that define classes of protocols and slashing conditions that can be objectively checked on-chain (to slash malicious validators) and off-chain (to prevent an honest validator from accidentally signing slashable messages). These standards will guide the design of new protocols towards design points that make the secure implementations of clients not only feasible but also simple.

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Best practices 
and operational guidelines

For example, we are collaborating on engineering documents that describe how to run highly-available validators while minimizing slashing risk, how to manage validator keys, how to implement anti-slashers, and how to implement secure restaking and liquid-staking protocols on different chains.

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Informational documents

These documents serve to complement the standards and best practices. For example, documents on threat modeling, the design and implementation of different validator clients, attack analysis, experience reports on incorporating our guidelines, and retrospectives can be useful standalone and can inform new standards, guidelines, and best practices.

The alliance will also establish private communication channels between the different members to share threat intelligence and vulnerability reports. This will help us as a group stay ahead of attacks and respond to larger scale attacks than would otherwise be possible alone.


We are starting with a lightweight governance structure that will be formalized over time, borrowing from organizations like the Bytecode Alliance, W3C, and IETF.

We'll announce the leadership board soon!

Join the Secure Staking Alliance

Organizations that share our values are encouraged to join, contribute to our mission, and incorporate the standards and best practices into their products and projects.