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February 28, 2024

Event Recap
Secure Staking Alliance at ETHDenver 2024

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(Re)staking Leaders, Together in One Place

The inaugural event for the Secure Staking Alliance was a resounding success, bringing together key leaders from the (re)staking community to kick off this groundbreaking partnership. The private event, held during ETHDenver 2024, was attended by alliance members and their guests, including leading protocols, validator operators, insurers, and security experts eager to collaborate and make an impact.

The afternoon began with a panel on operational security challenges led by Fraser Brown (Co-founder & CTO at Cubist), highlighting the importance of proactive risk mitigation as the staking ecosystem evolves, and drawing comparisons to Web2's more opaque security landscape. Panelists included Ben Sepanski (VP of Auditing at Veridise), Daniel Tong (Co-founder & Audit Lead at Verilog Solutions), J. Gdanski (Founder & CEO at Evertas), and invited speaker Justine Bone (CPO at Redjack and former CISO at Dow Jones).

This set the tone for lightning talks by experts in cross-chain messaging and crypto insurance, Eric Vreeland (CSO at Polyhedra Network) and Sebastian Banescu (Co-founder & CEO at Chainproof), who shared their perspectives on slashing risk and the fundamental need for robust validator infrastructure. 

In conclusion, the final set of panelists included David Tse (Co-founder & CEO of Babylon), Riad Wahby (Co-founder & CEO at Cubist), Soubhik Deb (Head of Protocol Research at EigenLayer), and Stanley Wu (Co-founder & CTO at Ankr), moderated by Edgar Roth (Protocol Specialist at Kiln). They unraveled restaking risk management and the need to equip people with enough risk information to inform their decisions about which novel protocols to engage with.

Attendees had the opportunity to network in person—forging new connections and sparking ad hoc discussions about slashing conditions, what it means for a protocol to be anti-slashable, and more. As the event drew to a close, we felt a growing excitement: security standards and best practices, coming soon! 

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What our members say

“Semantic Layer was honored to sponsor the Secure Staking Alliance event at ETHDenver. We were impressed by the breadth and depth of knowledge of the panelists, and we are glad that the discussion topics covered not just staking security but also new areas such as restaking security. We look forward to future participation in the Secure Staking Alliance to make staking operations more robust."

— Dex Chen, Co-founder

“The Secure Staking Alliance brings together a unique combination of node operators, liquid (re)staking providers and security providers in the space, who work together sharing their different perspectives to make staking more secure for the Web3 space overall."

— Sebastian Banescu, CEO

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“It was thrilling to see so many industry leaders working together to enhance the security of staking and restaking. Secure Staking Alliance members showed that they're committed to doing the hard work it will take to make Web3 safer for everyone. I can't wait to see what's next!"

— Riad Wahby, CEO

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“I found the ability to have open conversations with some of the leading infrastructure, protocol, and security people to be incredibly valuable. Membership is valuable as it allows us to support a safer more scalable ecosystem for staking infrastructure."

— J. Gdanski, CEO

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“The Secure Staking Alliance brings the key players in staking (and restaking) to the table with security in mind. It was exciting to discuss the importance of operational security, as well as the broader implications of node operators taking on risks associated to custom on-chain slashing logic. The event was a great step towards building the important standards and operational guidelines crucial for security in this space."

— Ben Sepanski, VP of Auditing

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“The Verilog Solutions team wishes to thank the Secure Staking Alliance for organizing the well-planned event. We are delighted to have exchanged ideas with panelists from a diverse set of backgrounds on the topic of operational security. Verilog Solutions is looking forward to collaborating with fellow SSA members to make staking more secure."

— Daniel Tong, Audit Lead

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